Engage your leads

at the right time

How do we reach our BEST prospects at the RIGHT time?

We learn your priorities

Every company has different business priorities, target market and offers different services or products.

We learn your priorities and offer a tailored solution based on your marketing and sales processes.

We analyze your prospects

Learn who your top clients are, discover their online profile and identify leads who exhibit similar behaviour.

We analyse your prospects, segment them based on your business requirements and create automation processes for new leads.

We automate your processes

Shorten the sales cycle by targeting and nurturing top leads with engaging content based on their interests.

We identify sales-ready leads and increase marketing and sales ROI with lead-scoring and grading automation.

reach your TOP prospects

engage your best leads and shorten your sales cycle

Online marketing becomes complex in a short amount of time. With 1,000,000s of existing prospects and new ones being added daily, knowing which prospects are the right ones to focus on becomes harder and harder. Content is constantly being generated in order to keep them engaged and interested, but does it work?

Having multiple product lines and business units adds even more complexity: prospects need to be properly segmented & managed, and organizational ownership properly assigned & maintained to provide an experience that increases sales ROI and improves customer retention. GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL and other international email distribution laws also need to be followed, and the existing list of prospects constantly managed to ensure ongoing compliance.

We work together with you to uncover your TOP prospects and to increase your organization’s marketing and sales ROI: we implement & manage marketing operations systems based on your business needs, using proven industry best-practices.

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Shorten your sales cycles and close more deals

“FusedLabs helped us plan and implement Pardot on our website and with Salesforce on time and on budget. It was great working with someone who understands both business and technical requirements, can handle all aspects of an implementation from end to end. We designed the process – lead capture, scoring, and following up with relevant prospect communications. This implementation was the right step towards marketing automation and set us on the course to focus on the right leads at the right time.”

Chuck S.

discover your top leads

acquire, engage and close faster