Why should you pitch your tech startup to top journalists in your niche

So, you turned your business idea into a real business and now it’s high time to set the wheels in motion and make some money.

But having a good idea and establishing a startup is not nearly enough. You have to let people know about it, about the added value it brings to the market and how they can benefit from it. This is where marketing and PR come into play.  Marketing and PR are your friends and they help you sell. And sell is what you want.

One of the most powerful tools to market and advertise your business is through expert reviews and opinions. Just think of the research you make before purchasing a product or service nowadays. You look for articles, reviews and user opinions to make sure it is what you need. Makes sense, right? This is why you should approach some top journalists in your line of business. Their opinion is without doubt highly valued in the community. Reaching to them can really make a difference. Expand your reach to a few of them.

Also, the more positive articles and reviews you get the better. An old cowboy saying goes like this:

If a guy tells you that you are a horse, you ignore him, if some other guy tells you the same thing, you punch him in the nose, but if a third guy insists you are a horse, you go and buy a saddle.

This is pretty much the way it works with products today. If your business is featured in one article or review, it might get ignored. If it gets another review, it draws some attention and if the word spreads out, you are already in the game and more people become interested in what you sell.

Make you presence count in the press, whether it is in print or online. Get people to know you through the words of reliable authority. And what better authority than unbiased articles, written and published by reputable journalists in your branch of business? A feature in a major publication can set you apart from the competition by miles.

To help you get started we created a PR e-guide that we want to share with you for free. It will help you organize your sources and contacts and have an actionable plan of how and when to pitch them. Let us know what you think of it!